How to improve your Magento Search?

How to improve your Magento Search?
Perfection knows no limits. The moment you stop challenging yourself with upgrade and innovation, evolution will pick up your competitors, who are more eager to implement new ideas to excel. Great news for all those who chose Magento as a platform for their online store: the sky is no longer the limit, as the design of the platform sets new standards to pump the functional opportunities of a Magento store up.

If you are a happy Magento platform user, there is no need to dig into the matter, as a family of extensions meant to boost the sales and cut on the cart abandonment level manifests it effectiveness within days after you press “Install” button.

When you are done with the fancy layout, which is both pleasing to the picky eye of the buyer and user-friendly, it’s high time to think over a triumphant plan as how to play your functional Magento cards not only to hit the solitary jackpot, but to attract new clients as well. The recent polls show that one of the most annoying things that triggers clients to close the tab of your Magento store for good is inadequate search panel functioning.

So what are must-have features of the modern Magento search panel?

Sherlock Approves

Unwinding the ball of sophisticatedly tied events is all play and fun for an Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories addict, but when it comes up to buying the staff to cosplay their heroes, your customers crave for instant search result. Magento search autocomplete forsees what the customer is looking for while still typing by offering the top products that meet the requirements. Saved time is a win.

 First things come first 

Top needs should be satisfied. A fresh solution to avoid customer’s restlessness about the inaccurate search results is to apply search priority function. Now you get the system that hounds and brings to the client’s feet the very product he dreamt of after a thorough scan of search modules you set up.

Automatize it!

Magento search autocomplete fulfills a bunch of tasks with one shot, while you get the chance to manage the window look. With it a client no longer needs to type the full product name, autocomplete does it for him with a bonus of similar search queries. What is more, virtual shopping risks are minimized through display of reviews that are intended to replace a mall-friend advice. So why don’t you help your Magento storeto make a step forward towards sales rise with a modern and functional search? Your customers will definitely enjoy the simplicity and Olympic speed of a Magento search autocomplete provided by special extensions like this one. Adjusting to the new extension conditions is painless and needs no reorganization, so handling it going to be as easy as ABC.

flight MH370 fate, does it add up?

flight MH370 fate, does it add up?

Malaysian prime minister had tears in his eyes when he announced that Malaysia Airlines flight has crashed east of Australia coast and there were no survivors. The statement was made based on the known facts about flight path and calculation made using the available data. Many victim relatives remained unconvinced since there was no physical evidence of Boeing 777-200ER plunging into the Indian Ocean. Also some facts and hypotheses don't seem to match very well.

What's been published goes like this: the aircraft took off from Kuala Lumpur heading for Beijing. After 1 hours and 22 minutes of uneventful trip a transponder stopped working. Transponders in commercial aviation perform a function of ID badges to air traffic control on the ground, radio transmission emitted by the airliner provides flight number, heading, altitude and speed. Without this device functioning air space control cannot see the plane and can’t keep it separated from other flight paths.

After the transponder going off the plane made a sharp turn and started heading South-East with likelihood of lowering altitude from cruising 34,000 feet to 12,000. Altitude change together with sharp course change and lack of communication sparked cockpit emergency speculations. Developing fire could have consumed wires which provide power to communication devices including radio and transponder. Crew tried to execute emergency landing procedure hence they turned and dived towards altitude at which it's safe to breath even if the fuselage suffers from pressurization issues. Two similar accidents took place in the past.

flight MH370 fate, does it add up?

Swissair 111 caught fire in the cockpit shortly after taking off from New York JFK airport, most instruments including radio worked until 6 minutes prior to impact yet crew couldn't save the MD-11 plane which crashed into the Atlantic Ocean killing all on board. Helios flight 522 crashed near Athens back in 2005 after the crew has been incapacitated by lack of oxygen resulting in hypoxia. A flight attendant tried to save the plane but he was unable to establish radio communication and get help. Boeing 737-800 kept flying the patterned entered into the autopilot computer and crashed after engines flamed out due to fuel starvation.

 MH370 could have experienced similar sequence of events. Some catastrophic failure of cockpit instruments followed by the crew emergency actions to divert to the nearest airport and descent towards safe breathing altitude. Then it could have followed the Greek plane fate when no one on board was capable of controlling the airliner and it flew the autopilot route until running out of fuel. There are at least 2 points where things don't add up though. 1 777-200 cruising at 12,000 feet burns a lot more fuel than at flight level 340 hence it wouldn’t be able to reach the the suspected crash site, it’s far off even from the changed course which means there had to have been another heading alternation.

Mobiles Are Changing The Face of Application Development

Mobiles Are Changing The Face of Application Development

Mobiles have Changed the face of Application Development. Today by using PhoneGap which is a source of an open mobile development framework and which has been used by the Loithech, BBC Olympics and Nus its very easy to develop an App.

Due to this new revolutionary technology, the need for the creation of distinct apps for each kind platform has removed like Android, iOS, and Windows. And by making use of web technologies developers create apps they know, make use of Phone Gap to ‘wrap’ them and make use of their chosen platform for the purpose.

PhoneGap and Revolutionary technology has changed the way mobile apps are made today. Now by using our present web development skills, the creation of mobile apps has become much easier and quicker than before and it also helps in the reduction of the project cost for our clients.

With so many technology solutions available now, there is a need to be aware of few important points. These things should be taken into consideration before launching a Phone Gap.

• There will be a definite reduction in a project cost due to Phone Gap as digital agencies do not need any new skills for the purpose. They can use the already employed developers having CSS, HTML and JavaScript for creation of the apps.

• This technology has enabled the app developers to do creation and publication of apps across different platforms which includes Android, Apple/iOS, Blackberry, Windows, WebOS, Samsung Bada and Symbian etc.

• It allows access to different kinds phone features through JavaScript API such as the geolocation, accelerometer, network, media library, camera, notification, storage, etc. This enables more rich features to be developed in an application rather than just a simple HTML5 based application.

• Saves time as the virtually code can be “run anywhere by writing once.”

• Open source nature of PhoneGap helps to find community with the solution of problems related to technology with tutorials, enhancements and a great range of different plugins contributed by users that enables to increase the core functioning of PhoneGap.

• Not having access to the storage on Bada or Blackberry platform media is the example that all built-in features of the phone are not supported by PhoneGap

• Many PhoneGap apps look similar on all types of phone environments to make apps more natural use a “Core Native UI with JavaScript” tool called Steroids.

• To enable app developers to create such iOS applications without having a Windows PC, Mac or Windows Phone based applications, A service called PhoneGap Build by Adobe offers, packages mobile applications on your behalf.

• Different devices require different touch actions like ‘clicks’ , ‘taps’, ‘pinches’ or ‘double taps’. The delay between tapping and the start of clicking gives the impression of unresponsive or delayed app. A Javascript library which is called a FastClick, released by the Financial Times enables removing the 300 millisecond delay – which makes a huge difference to the entire feel of the app.

• DeviceLab is opened in Edinburgh, which has made physical testing of the device much easier for the developers.

In a nutshell, it is evident that the Mobiles Are Changing The Face of Application Development. Do you want to create a cross platform app in quick and cost effective manner? Then PhoneGap definitely is one of the best consideration. Its benefits are significant not only for agencies, but it is cost saving for clients too.

The article is written and shared by Gloria Philips.She likes to share the information about Application Development and latest technology.

Top 6 Wordpress widgets


Top 6 Wordpress widgets

No one can actually deny that fact that Wordpress is no charm without its themes and widgets. None can experience the real joy of Wordpress without its fine widgets. Wordpress offers plenty of widgets for a website and it is not completely wrong to state that widgets can be attributed as a major reason for success of a website. This article talks about the top five Wordpress widgets of all times that can add excitement to a website.

All in one SEO 

This is a revolutionary widget that is not only exciting but equally useful. One does not need to hire any SEO services for the website. By just installing this All in one SEO widget, it will satisfy all the Search Engine Optimization needs for the website owner. It optimizes tags, HTML, and keyword density of the website and can well be used to gain higher ranks in the top search engines.

Font Resizer

The Font Resizer makes it possible for the visitors to adjust the size of the font and text with just one simple click. The users can decrease or increase the font size very easily and conveniently.

WP SpamFree

 Worried about spams? It is now possible to get rid of spam from a website with the WP SpamFree Wordpress widget. It detects annoying and useless comments and posts and removes them.

Featured Content Gallery

 This is one of the top favourites of many of the website owners. Featured Content Gallery adds to the beauty of a website and makes it look more charming. Not only this, but it also helps the visitors to easily navigate and surf through the recent articles and posts thereby saving time and easing their patience. It certainly aids in increasing page views and betters the user experience.

WP Polls

 Polls are a nice idea to involve users in one’s website. It asks for their views and gives them a sense of positivity for their personal opinions. WP Polls helps in inviting visitors for blog posts and more. It can create new polls and show them on the Wordpress blog.  The surfers may select any option in that poll and submit their vote.

Secure WordPress

 If one is worried about the safety and security of the website, the Secure WordPress is the widget to bank on. It restricts directory listing and protects the website content. This widget is also capable of checking for minor security flaws in the website such as htaccess, wrong site map and more.

Thus, it is obvious that WordPress is a completely awesome experience altogether and people do crave to have their own blogs, web pages and websites. But there are certain key elements that are missing most of the time. These key elements may seem minor but actually contribute towards the growth of a website. Widgets are one of those essentials elements that are highly required in WordPress sites. One should try out these six widgets and note the difference.

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Five tips for launching a successful marketing campaign


If there is anything to be learned from those with wizened faces and steely experience eyed in the world of marketing, it's that the best way to market your product is to strategies your plan of action first.

All marketing campaigns should have a starting point and an end goal before you've even put your digits on the keyboard, so what points should you keep in mind whilst setting out your selling strategy?

1. Know what you are saying

You would be surprised how often this point is ignored. To make sure you hit the ground running, you need to have covered what your campaign is all about. Find a phrase that summaries your whole strategy, a simple explanation of your marketing plan that you can refer back to , and use it to keep you on track. A small mantra such as 'Introducing Product A to Audience B' will keep you on target with what you are saying, regardless of what media you are using.

2. Know your audience

All successful marketing knows what demographic they are targeting. For example, a product that is aimed at a student market will have a completely different style, language and feel to one that is hoping to attract middle-aged professionals.

Knowing your audience and trying to get into their mindset means you stay focused and don't try to tick all the boxes at once; which inevitably means you fail at ticking any at all. There's always time to chase a different demographic with a different campaign but you should remain focused on the campaign at hand to achieve the best results like.

3. Professional tools

You want to make sure that your campaign is received by its intended audience in a way that means they absorb the information given to them. With email marketing software from Little Green Plane you can fully customise and design emails that really stand out from the crowd and show what the campaign is all about. They also offer expert advice on all areas of email marketing to make sure you run things as professionally as possible.

4. Be open to suggestions

Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can give a whole new perspective on how to best advertise your product. Brainstorming ideas with your team can be a good way to look at your campaign from all angles and across all mediums. You never know, someone might be sitting on a sure-fire way to get your campaign out there.

5. Be innovative

Strategy may be crucial, but creativity is the real driving force of marketing. Don’t be afraid to take a risk with your marketing campaign, turn conventions on their head or look at how to change a campaign that has failed previously to be one successful. Have fun with it and you'll achieve greater results and more enjoyment from the process.

SEO Strategies That Hamper the Industry and Some Progressive Alternatives


SEO Strategies That Hamper the Industry and Some Progressive Alternatives

The SEO industry developed due to the inexhaustible potential of the internet. Whether used for business or personal promotion, SEO is the practice of getting found in the search results that are proving to be more and more critical to web visibility with each day that passes.

    However, like many other situations within the economy, within SEO there are good practices and there are bad practices. Certain strategies, albeit finding certain levels of success in the past, hamper the integrity of the contemporary industry. Some of these approaches are listed below, with some progressive alternatives that can be used to mitigate the negative trends. If you are practicing SEO, these are some issues to think about in order to keep what you do important in both our society and economy.

1.    Keyword Stuffing

    Sometimes it feels like it’s Thanksgiving every day when the SEO industry is analyzed. People stuff content with the search terms they want to rank for. The sad part about this strategy is that although Google and other major search engines have been cracking down on this approach for a while now, it’s still prevalent across many facets of the internet. Stuffing content with keywords doesn’t work, and it shouldn’t work. It’s not natural.

    Keyword stuffing is the epitome of a practice that hampers the optimization world. For one, SEO is meant to help search engines guide users to desired information, not tricking them into irrelevant material. No one wants to read an article where 10% of the content is filled with the same word. Give it up, or the search algorithms will help you do so.

Progressive alternative: If you’re creating content, keywords are surely necessary to increase optimization. It’s important to remember, however, that they aren’t the most vital component to optimization. Take the time to fit keywords into your article, rather than fit your article into a mass number of the same words. This is more difficult and takes more time, but it’s better for you and the end users around the globe to make the effort.

2.    Creating irrelevant content

    Whether it’s for link building or as a sub-plot of another SEO strategy, the act of producing irrelevant content strictly for SEO purposes is questionable at best. For one, search algorithms aren’t only catching on; they’re caught up on this trade. The scanning robots of Google and other major search engines are becoming more and more on point when it comes to recognizing sketchy content.

    If you’re link building and you write a fly fishing article with an in-content hyperlink to an ice cream shop website, you’re wasting everyone’s time. Doing this type of thing strictly for a link is lazy at best and straight up manipulative. Someone who is reading a fly fishing article doesn’t want anything to do with an ice cream link, at least not at that moment. Similarly, links that don’t match content or site theme draw the ire of search algorithms. Any participator will be knocked down the rankings quicker than a page refresh.

Progressive alternative: It’s critical to do your best to always try and put SEO second in importance when relevancy is considered. The content that you create, whether it’s on your own site or another one, should be relevant to your audience. Without this relevancy, your content won’t be useful to help you get ranking or assisting an end user in gathering the information they’re looking for.

3.    Link farm connections

    Due to links being a strong rating factor when search engine rankings are considered, many people lean towards quantity over quality. This is far from the ideal strategy in 2013, however, as search algorithms have made the tactic virtually useless.
    Submitting links to content farms with the goal of having your desired URL spewed into the online abyss doesn’t help anyone. While this practice did used to yield immediate and often fairly successful results, the act diminishes SEO to a manipulative industry. If you are building links with an SEO motive, do it genuinely and with goodwill. From there, you’ll be rewarded.

Progressive alternative:  It’s important to realize that in the modern optimization world, a few extremely high quality links are far better than many average ones. Links that carry high authority, relevancy and user experience are the ones that can and will push your landing page upward in the search results. Link farms do not house anything quality, and even if they do, the legitimate content will be buried in the endless list of “resources”.

    SEO is often associated with sketchy practices. Fair enough. The profession works exclusively online and any success in usually translated into financial gains. This in itself leads to sketchy practices because everyone wants to make money and in the past, any strategy to gain traction on the competition was the way to go. Now, algorithms and users are demanding more. They want an SEO industry that brings users to the information they’re looking for, and quickly. To do this, SEO professionals need to step up and take accountability. It will take extra effort, but the reward is well worth it.

Clay Christeson is an SEO writer for Local Splash.

What is Link Building, what to expect from it


What is Link Building, what to expect from it

What is Link Building, what to expect from it?

Link building is like website to website PR or connection where both mutually benefit from each other, raise the traffic flow, and add to their brand image creating immense value in the market. For this, both the web sites must be well structured featuring quality information in well formatted form and in excellent content quality. The better the sites are, the more are the chances of creating good links with various other websites and hence increase the online presence of your brand/website. These Links can be understood as digital referrals or popularity votes for the websites involved in this barter. External links, Anchor links, Link building all these refer to the same agenda.
Companies that offer good link building services launch and manage a link building campaign with the aim of growing organic and ethical search engine optimization of your website. A well structured, well-thought and knowledgeable link building will prove its worth with time giving both immediate short term and long-term positive results. A company experienced in this, and striving to prove results would maintain reports on the progress of the links created as part of the campaign. This must include the current and previous rankings, preferably daily or weekly basis to keep a track on the progress.
After the recent developments in Google algorithms, two effective tactics for link building have cropped up, namely - Guest Blogging and Content Creation Onsite with promotion.

Link Building Services – What Is Good and What Is Bad

Not all link building services are ethical. Depending on the site from where the links are taken, some links can harm your website's reputation and affect its rankings.
With internet services rising so fast and mushrooming in every nook and corner, many people or rather companies, provide link building services promising to get you #1 on Google within no time. These seductive promises often result in disappointment and highly built aspirations leading nowhere practically. Link building, ethically, genuinely with and from reputed websites is not a child’s play. Links provided with fake websites, or low quality websites are unethical and termed as “black hat" links, they tend to get expensive and anyway get caught by Google. When noticed by Google, it costs penalty and the website can be racked off the ranking chart such that it may not be found even in the first ten pages of the search. This is caused by poor links from low reputed websites.

Website/Domain Authority and Matter with Links?

External links are like relations. The website authority is rated on the popularity score. The website/domain rating goes from 0 to 100. The lower the score, the lesser is the popularity. If good sites give you links, connect with you, and build a mutual relation, you will have good traffic flow of quality target audience. If bad reputation sites give you links, or take your links, then you will receive that kind of crowd on your website, which obviously will not be potential target audience.

Link Building Stands Viable Even After the Penguin Update

After the Penguin update many changes have come in the strategies and working of search engine optimization. For example, the content quality now has to be best, original and genuine. However, as far the link building is concerned, as long as they are built with well-reputed sites, without any forgery, they are organic, and follow the correct process, link building is here to stay for long and will work its wonders.

In fact, link building services used with social media and guest blog posting is the new trend.


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