By now, all of us are aware of the existence and the increase in popularity of the online casinos. One of the biggest setbacks faced by people who often visit online casino experiences is the Sincerity of these casinos. They’re concerned about the fairness of the game which might trick them into thinking they’re gaining money, while they’re losing a lot more.

However, despite the concern, if the players sussed that the casino is reducing their chances of winning, then by now many of the online casino platforms would have been cut down. That’s why the casinos – both online as well as offline make use of the house edge. The longer a player spends time in a casino, the higher is the casino’s profit.

Are the games rigged?

While the customers who indulge in the games in these online casinos play for money and entertainment, the sole purpose of the casino is to make money, and they gain this profit from the gambling lovers, who are their regular customers on the platform. Many laws and regulations have been put forward by the government, to safeguard the sanity of the players and to protect their information from reaching the hands of the hackers.

Despite providing the safety measures on the platform, many of them often suspect the safety of the games in the casinos or the casino itself. A common misconception prevails in the gambling market that the longer time spent on a site gambling, the higher is the payers’ profit.


However, one of the significant complaints that the casino owners often come across is the players never wins. If you’re a seasoned casino player, by now you ought to have an idea that it is impossible to win always (especially in an online casino), due to the existence of the house edge or the house advantage.

Therefore, although malicious sites exist in the gambling market, the loses are due to bad decisions and not every only gambling site on the interest is fraudulent.

Fairness of the online casinos

We are not implying that the online casinos are fair or they’re a scam. However, we’re trying to put forward the points that could lead to your long-time losses and also guide you on the casinos that are genuine in the market.

online casinos

Before a casino applies for a license, it has to undergo a bunch of tests conducted by the licensing bodies that help them in scrutinizing the legal casinos from the illegal ones. Post the test these online casinos are also continuously monitored to prevent them from treating their customers in an unfriendly manner, in any form. Hence, the gambling authorities, and the government, put forward specific rules and regulations that the online sites have to abide by. The two of the most famous tests include:

  • Independent testing that undergoes rigorous testing of the RNG and other systems that ensures the fairness of odds.
  • Trust value to enlist them on the GamblingMetropoils, depending on their sincerity.