5 Tips to Monitor on Your Blog to Avoid to Be Hit on the Next Panda Update?

5 Tips to Monitor on Your Blog to Avoid to Be Hit on the Next Panda Update?

Panda is not just a random update of the searching algorithms of Google. Instead, it is a new feature that has seriously changed the way Google perceives the indexed websites. One of the special things Panda does is the fact that it takes the visitors' opinions into consideration. A lot of websites that had low quality content were hit pretty hard, not to mention about those with a duplicate content. If you don't want to be among the victims of Google Panda, there are some ideas and tricks to avoid these problems.

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More pages on one keyword

 More pages on one keyword

First of all, don't use multiple pages on the same keyword. The reason wherefore such content mills have been hit by Panda is the fact that they had plenty of pages with the same keyword. In some cases, a website could have thousands of web pages. When you have more authors and you give them the freedom to write about whatever they feel like, you will end up with a multitude of pages using the same keywords. If you find yourself in this situation, get rid of those pages right away or your website will end up suffering.

Organic back links

 Organic back links

The back links are very important, but just like you should know already, the high quality backlinks are the ones that really matter. This is why panda penalizes the addresses with tons of backlinks coming from low quality directories. Besides, when the keyword is the same, it is obvious that such links were not created in a natural way. This is why you should concentrate on multiple variations of the keyword or a few synonyms.

Low quality content

Your website may require some cleaning operations every once in a while. Panda will analyze all the web pages, whether they are good or bad. Although it is normal to have some pages that gain a lot of popularity and attract new people, it is just as normal to have some worthless ones. This is when your entire content will be affected. The one and only solution is to repair or eliminate the poor quality web pages. Once you are done, all you have to do is wait for the crawlers to show up.

Lose the auto generated content

If you always thought that the auto generated content is a good idea, perhaps this is the right time to change it. The auto generated pages have nothing in common with the quality. This is why they are so unpopular today. For this reason, a lot of shopping websites have been seriously hit by Panda. If you own such a website, you cannot really eliminate those pages, but if you add some original content, your chance to recover your rank will increase.

More paragraphs

Finally, try to avoid the pages with one or two paragraphs only. Since such pages are easier to create, a lot of webmasters populate their websites with such pages. Today, when the rules have changed a little, they can actually harm your website. Add more text or just eliminate these worthless pages. These are the two options you have for a good result.

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