How to rank higher in Google

We have made our move and it is to the Internet, no wonder it has helped us in every possible way. We are able to do our work or get our work done faster with the new Internet era, and all it takes is smart work.

It is not possible for people to remember your url nor it is better expected them to stick to only your brand. What 90% of the people do is, to search what they want through search engines and search engines provide results based upon the strong algorithms it has for finding relative content. Search engines take different factors into considerations before throwing you the results and you being the owner need to concentrate on those key factors to win at the search mechanism.

I take Google as the example and no doubt it is one of the most widely used search engine across the globe. Apart from Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc will also employ the similar algorithms that uses these key factors, What are those key factors?

 Unique Content 

Your content needs to be very unique and not copied from other web pages, copying the content from other websites is called as plagiarism and subjected to several copyright acts if alleged. Thus using somebody’s content is better not practiced and advised, because Google spider searches the directory and finds the unique content rather than copied, it respects the original publish. You need to concentrate and create a unique content, be it images, videos, stories, etc. When these contents are widely shared, Google evaluates the backlinks your content has generated, greater the number higher the rank. Hence copying the content will nowhere help you, as it is self destructive move.

Link building 

When your content is sought to be most searched and unique, you need not to worry about the traffic, by default you will be ranked higher. But if you are pushing your blog or brand among other competitors, you need to do little more than they are doing.

Assume that two companies having the same product, but one company has created so many external backlinks than the other, hence it will be the one which gets the priority in search engines rather than the other despite having similar content(product).

So You have to communicate with other websites to make sure that there will be supportive external links published for the exchange of money or a backlink.

SEO and DA 

SEO is the language that most of the search engines understand and tend to obey, if I have define it.

You should be using the desired keywords in every vital section of the post, like in Title tag, Meta tag, Description tag. Google has recently updated its search mechanism and frequent content updation will fetch you better rankings than the other, hence you need to update your blog with new content every week.

Domain Authority is one more aspect that is important in deciding the strength of the blog. Every blogger should understand it and learn how to increase the Domain Authority of their blog because DA corresponds to the value of your blog.

If there are any other simple tricks that you are following to get a better ranking in Google, please do share them with us in the comments below.

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  1. So, content is more important than backlink, isn't it?

    1. Yes for shore but back links are also important. They help you to built PR and if you don't have good content then what will Google place on first page?

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  3. Hi.. This is really impressive article for SEO people. I am agree with you that Link building and Unique content will definitely help us to improve Google ranking because after update it is required that we produces only unique content and quality back-links.
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  4. I appreciate all the points you mentioned in your article to increase rank in Google. The most vital think is unique content because of Google algorithm update.Thanks for sharing such an amazing article.
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  5. in the beginig there was some errors... but ya now its working nicely.... Thank you for the help....... Make Money , Blogging Tips



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