What is Link Building, what to expect from it

What is Link Building, what to expect from it

What is Link Building, what to expect from it?

Link building is like website to website PR or connection where both mutually benefit from each other, raise the traffic flow, and add to their brand image creating immense value in the market. For this, both the web sites must be well structured featuring quality information in well formatted form and in excellent content quality. The better the sites are, the more are the chances of creating good links with various other websites and hence increase the online presence of your brand/website. These Links can be understood as digital referrals or popularity votes for the websites involved in this barter. External links, Anchor links, Link building all these refer to the same agenda.
Companies that offer good link building services launch and manage a link building campaign with the aim of growing organic and ethical search engine optimization of your website. A well structured, well-thought and knowledgeable link building will prove its worth with time giving both immediate short term and long-term positive results. A company experienced in this, and striving to prove results would maintain reports on the progress of the links created as part of the campaign. This must include the current and previous rankings, preferably daily or weekly basis to keep a track on the progress.
After the recent developments in Google algorithms, two effective tactics for link building have cropped up, namely - Guest Blogging and Content Creation Onsite with promotion.

Link Building Services – What Is Good and What Is Bad

Not all link building services are ethical. Depending on the site from where the links are taken, some links can harm your website's reputation and affect its rankings.
With internet services rising so fast and mushrooming in every nook and corner, many people or rather companies, provide link building services promising to get you #1 on Google within no time. These seductive promises often result in disappointment and highly built aspirations leading nowhere practically. Link building, ethically, genuinely with and from reputed websites is not a child’s play. Links provided with fake websites, or low quality websites are unethical and termed as “black hat" links, they tend to get expensive and anyway get caught by Google. When noticed by Google, it costs penalty and the website can be racked off the ranking chart such that it may not be found even in the first ten pages of the search. This is caused by poor links from low reputed websites.

Website/Domain Authority and Matter with Links?

External links are like relations. The website authority is rated on the popularity score. The website/domain rating goes from 0 to 100. The lower the score, the lesser is the popularity. If good sites give you links, connect with you, and build a mutual relation, you will have good traffic flow of quality target audience. If bad reputation sites give you links, or take your links, then you will receive that kind of crowd on your website, which obviously will not be potential target audience.

Link Building Stands Viable Even After the Penguin Update

After the Penguin update many changes have come in the strategies and working of search engine optimization. For example, the content quality now has to be best, original and genuine. However, as far the link building is concerned, as long as they are built with well-reputed sites, without any forgery, they are organic, and follow the correct process, link building is here to stay for long and will work its wonders.

In fact, link building services used with social media and guest blog posting is the new trend.

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  1. I couldn't agree more with all the things you have explained here on what link building is all about. I am very optimistic that lots of the netizens today, will take some interest in doing link building because it's a fun stuff to do. Aside from building some great links, writing descriptive essay topics can be fun, too! :)

  2. I do agree with you link building is still very important to get high page rank even after penguin update .
    But now its really important to make quality and natural back links so that it can not be consider as spam .
    Your blog is very informative and helpful for me .Thanks for sharing good information.
    Best regards,

  3. building link is a symbiotic arrangement that all bloggers must take part in

  4. Link building is a proven result seo technique which include the link sharing of websites. In this, same PR websites can share their links on some certain concerns. This linking proves beneficial for both website owners as both the websites get promoted. This strategy will provide positive results, only if things are done in an organized and realistic manner. Fake things may leads to losses.

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  7. Link building is a part of SEO that is used for improving your website ranking in SERPs but one thing always keep in mind that apply only ethical link building techniques like Guest Blogging, Blog posting, Article submission, Web 2.0 profile page creation, Citation, Social Bookmarking etc.
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