Five tips for launching a successful marketing campaign

If there is anything to be learned from those with wizened faces and steely experience eyed in the world of marketing, it's that the best way to market your product is to strategies your plan of action first.

All marketing campaigns should have a starting point and an end goal before you've even put your digits on the keyboard, so what points should you keep in mind whilst setting out your selling strategy?

1. Know what you are saying

You would be surprised how often this point is ignored. To make sure you hit the ground running, you need to have covered what your campaign is all about. Find a phrase that summaries your whole strategy, a simple explanation of your marketing plan that you can refer back to , and use it to keep you on track. A small mantra such as 'Introducing Product A to Audience B' will keep you on target with what you are saying, regardless of what media you are using.

2. Know your audience

All successful marketing knows what demographic they are targeting. For example, a product that is aimed at a student market will have a completely different style, language and feel to one that is hoping to attract middle-aged professionals.

Knowing your audience and trying to get into their mindset means you stay focused and don't try to tick all the boxes at once; which inevitably means you fail at ticking any at all. There's always time to chase a different demographic with a different campaign but you should remain focused on the campaign at hand to achieve the best results like.

3. Professional tools

You want to make sure that your campaign is received by its intended audience in a way that means they absorb the information given to them. With email marketing software from Little Green Plane you can fully customise and design emails that really stand out from the crowd and show what the campaign is all about. They also offer expert advice on all areas of email marketing to make sure you run things as professionally as possible.

4. Be open to suggestions

Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can give a whole new perspective on how to best advertise your product. Brainstorming ideas with your team can be a good way to look at your campaign from all angles and across all mediums. You never know, someone might be sitting on a sure-fire way to get your campaign out there.

5. Be innovative

Strategy may be crucial, but creativity is the real driving force of marketing. Don’t be afraid to take a risk with your marketing campaign, turn conventions on their head or look at how to change a campaign that has failed previously to be one successful. Have fun with it and you'll achieve greater results and more enjoyment from the process.

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  2. You want to make sure that your campaign is received by its intended audience in a way that means they absorb the information given to them.

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