Top 6 Wordpress widgets

Top 6 Wordpress widgets

No one can actually deny that fact that Wordpress is no charm without its themes and widgets. None can experience the real joy of Wordpress without its fine widgets. Wordpress offers plenty of widgets for a website and it is not completely wrong to state that widgets can be attributed as a major reason for success of a website. This article talks about the top five Wordpress widgets of all times that can add excitement to a website.

All in one SEO 

This is a revolutionary widget that is not only exciting but equally useful. One does not need to hire any SEO services for the website. By just installing this All in one SEO widget, it will satisfy all the Search Engine Optimization needs for the website owner. It optimizes tags, HTML, and keyword density of the website and can well be used to gain higher ranks in the top search engines.

Font Resizer

The Font Resizer makes it possible for the visitors to adjust the size of the font and text with just one simple click. The users can decrease or increase the font size very easily and conveniently.

WP SpamFree

 Worried about spams? It is now possible to get rid of spam from a website with the WP SpamFree Wordpress widget. It detects annoying and useless comments and posts and removes them.

Featured Content Gallery

 This is one of the top favourites of many of the website owners. Featured Content Gallery adds to the beauty of a website and makes it look more charming. Not only this, but it also helps the visitors to easily navigate and surf through the recent articles and posts thereby saving time and easing their patience. It certainly aids in increasing page views and betters the user experience.

WP Polls

 Polls are a nice idea to involve users in one’s website. It asks for their views and gives them a sense of positivity for their personal opinions. WP Polls helps in inviting visitors for blog posts and more. It can create new polls and show them on the Wordpress blog.  The surfers may select any option in that poll and submit their vote.

Secure WordPress

 If one is worried about the safety and security of the website, the Secure WordPress is the widget to bank on. It restricts directory listing and protects the website content. This widget is also capable of checking for minor security flaws in the website such as htaccess, wrong site map and more.

Thus, it is obvious that WordPress is a completely awesome experience altogether and people do crave to have their own blogs, web pages and websites. But there are certain key elements that are missing most of the time. These key elements may seem minor but actually contribute towards the growth of a website. Widgets are one of those essentials elements that are highly required in WordPress sites. One should try out these six widgets and note the difference.

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